Lost in kitchen

First start in kitchen 15 years ago. I will always remember that day everything I dream about died in me that day, simply like dishwasher in a city hotel. Don’t have culinary school no connections, no money, no hope, no skills and the trash can smell so bad.

Why kitchen, why me?

Look, at that moment in my life, I don’t know how to hold a knife correctly and simply
I do not know anything about the kitchen it was a pretty difficult time to start something new. Why am I here, what am I doing here, a one million questions in head not a single smart answer in that moment? At one point, I thought I was doing this only for the money there is no love.
But I was wrong I had ideas, I had solutions, I just needed knowledge to put them into action and every time a smile returned to my face as I thought about how I would make that plate.
And I quit my first kitchen job after 6 months, find new after couple of weeks like demi chef, from zero to….

On this blog, I want to share my knowledge not about
recipes you probably have some better than mine, about life in the kitchen…

The professional kitchen is the last refuge of the misfit. It’s a place for people with bad pasts to find a new family.

Anthony Bourdain ( 1956 – 2018)

Chef, chef we are running out of GAS!!!

When you first time enter in kitchen you will understand that a one day in kitchen is never same like day before, and will never be. On beginning you are not in position to choose brigade, or who you will work with you. But when time pass you find people who understand you with just one look.

It’s normal to have a fear of something new. Encountering what may seem strange to you in a given situation. First entry into the kitchen, bro, I did not leave the jukebox for 3 days. My shift was 18 hours two breaks of 15 minutes each. I didn’t imagine my life that way at that moment. It all looked so weird. At first sight you do not know how to act exactly where you are. You can only remain silent at that moment. You have no understanding of the things that are happening around you. It’s not easy when you’re new for the first time into the middle of a dinner rush. I was convinced at the beginning that I couldn’t do. It’s not for me, this is impossible how to work all that time. It all hurt me, when I go to shower at the end of the day my ass shakes like it was raped. Muscle inflammation all over the body. I had to endure it at all costs. I didn’t even understand why it seems to me that all these people are yelling at each other all the time why they have tension. Time passed, and then at one moment, at one breaking moment when I made my first plate by accident. I just decided to become what I always loved as a kid. CHEF!!!

You can meet any kind of people in the kitchen. Whatever the composition of your crew , know that they are for you as much as you are for them. No one else can help you but them. No matter how big you become, how much speed, knowledge, skill you have, there is nothing you can do without them. It’s just that the kitchen functions as a phalanx. In the beginning, you have to learn how to position yourself for rest of the kitchen squad. It’s a little bit difficult at the beginning when you don’t have the knowledge and the speed to get it all going smoothly. It is easy like that, it is not. It takes years of experience to get better speed and more knowledge. You can’t become a chef overnight. It’s a long road, you’ll be learning your whole life it’s not a TV show it’s much more complex than that. Don’t underestimate anyone, that someone can just help you when it’s the worst . Maybe someone is not even aware of what you have done so far in your career. But who cares about what you did in the kitchens in the past if you are okay and doing your best to get the job done. Any normal person will support you and help you at work. If I have been sticking to something it is that all these years, from the first to the last shift that I will work at a given job, I will do my best to make it easier for myself and others. Don’t be assholes. If you want your people to appreciate you in whatever position you are, never be an asshole believe me, it’s not easy when you are alone in the kitchen people are pretty quick to crack psychologically and to be mentally broken. Because of that even the kitchen never like this kind of person she spits them out, it is no wonder that a chef runs out of people in the middle of dinner rush. Everyone remembers if you was a piece of shit, nobody wants to work with people like of that kind. Like it or not, this job requires not only skill but also being human. The things that are seen on television are not nearly as they are in practice. Maybe we lead a slightly more unusual life for someone who are works from 9 to 5. But it’s certainly more fun.

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